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Hair, event & bridal styling

The service includes consultation, hair washing and care & styling products.

My prices are guidelines and are calculated according to time and effort, which vary depending on

starting point may differ.

Quality , sustainability and high-quality results are a must for me.

Cut & Color
Set of golden paint strokes for your des


Before every service, I always conduct a consultation, which is the basic prerequisite for an optimal result.

I also offer separate consultation appointments from 35€

(Duration: approx. 30 min.)

Depending on your wishes, I will examine your hair condition to

to examine the possibilities for implementation.

It may happen that due to certain factors the realization of the wish is only partially or not at all possible.

is feasible.

I look forward to your inquiry!



The price scales depend on the length/volume of hair and the time required and are marked with the designation short - medium - long - extra long .

Olaplex is included in all color services .

Cut & Styling

Deep cleaning

Olaplex Treatment

Cutting & Styling

40€ (30 mins.)

50€   (40 mins.)

60€   (50 mins.)

70€ ( 60 mins.)

80€   (70 mins.)

Blow-dry styling

30€ (20 mins)

45€ (30 mins)

55€ (45 mins)

65€ (60 mins)

The deep cleansing frees the hair from deposits such as silicones, metals, residues from styling products and discolorations.

For a pure base.

Duration: approx. 30 min.


The Olaplex Rebuild Treatment rebuilds the hair structure from the inside and strengthens it.

Ideal for structurally damaged hair before color treatments.

Duration: approx. 30 min.

30€ - 40€ - 50€ - 60€




Classic permanent grey hair coverage with a root length of 2 cm.

Duration: approx. 30 min.


A ColorMelt creates soft transitions between roots and lengths.

Color refresh .

Duration: approx. 30 min.

65€ - 75€ - 85€ - 100€

A gloss refines the balayage / blonde result and is ideal for refreshing the color between appointments.
Duration: approx. 30 min.
40€ - 55€ - 70€ - 85€

A balayage is a soft color result that creates brightness with a soft transition to the natural tone. No more harsh growth and edges.

From harmonious light reflections to global & radiant blonde, I always work taking your hair structure into account.

With the Balayage packages & Global Blond / High Level, cut & styling, gloss / color melt are included.

Olaplex is included in all color services.

Refresh Balayage/Faceframe

Natural Balayage / bring up balayage

Deutliche balayage

A refresh balayage / faceframe is ideal for bringing brightness back into the contour.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

150€ - 180€ - 190€ - 200€

A natural balayage is perfect for achieving more brightness with soft growth.

50% of your hair will be lightened.

Duration: approx. 3-3.5 hours

200€ - 220€ - 240€ - 260€

A deutliche balayage is suitable for significantly more brightness in the hair.
80% of your hair will be lightened.

Duration: approx. 3.5 - 4 hours

260€ - 280€ - 300€ - 320€

Blonde Balayage / Global Blonde

Refresh Global Blonde

Root bleaching after 6 weeks.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

200€ - 220€ - 240€ - 260€

Global Blonde

90-100% of your hair will be lightened.

Duration: approx. 2.5 - 5.5   Hours

290€ - 340€ - 390€ - 440€

Please note mine

foto 21.10.20, 14 43 56.jpg
Set of golden paint strokes for your des

Bridal Styling

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful days in life.

The "yes" to love; yes to connection!

For me, bridal styling is a very special passion.

When I first contact you, I will first check the availability of your desired date. After confirmation, there will be a short exchange of

Information, ideas and photos to be optimally prepared for your trial styling.

The trial styling is recommended so that we can get to know each other and plan and implement your exact ideas. This should take place around 1-3 months before your wedding.

When you make your final booking after the trial styling, I will give you a short guide with information about preparing your skin and hair.

I look forward to your inquiry & booking!

ready to love


The service includes all styling products, hairpins, hair cushions, artificial eyelashes, wedding guide "Skin & Hair" incl.

Hair extension or thickening on request.

The trial styling will take about 2.5 hours

Please provide me with the following information in your inquiry :

- Date of the wedding

- Which package (IN or OUT) at "OUT" the location.

- When you have to finish at the latest

- Additional bookings for maid of honour etc.

With the "IN" package, the trial styling and bridal styling take place in my salon.

1.1 Makeup - IN

Rehearsal & Wedding

sample proportionate 50% 


Rehearsal & Make-up

sample proportionate 50%


Rehearsal & Hairstyling

sample proportionate 50%


1.2 Hairstyling - IN

1. Bridal styling - IN

With the "OUT" package, the trial styling takes place in my salon and the bridal styling at the desired location.

2.1 Makeup - OUT

2.2 Hairstyling - OUT

2. Bridal styling - OUT

Rehearsal & Wedding 

sample proportionate 50%


Rehearsal & Make-up

sample proportionate 50%


Rehearsal & Hairstyling

Sample proportionate 50%


Guest styling

Complete styling 

Hair & Makeup




Make up


ride costs

Each kilometer driven is charged at €0.50.

Please note mine

foto 20.02.20, 13 16 05.jpg
Set of golden paint strokes for your des

event styling

Have you planned an event, a bachelorette party or are you a guest at a "theme party" or a wedding and need help with make-up and styling?

I offer a complete package for any event and come to the desired address fully equipped.

For individuals, groups or events:

- Halloween

- Carnival

- Hen parties

- Shootings

and much more.

Can also be booked with professional support upon request.

I look forward to your inquiry!



All styling products are included in the service.

SFX make-up on request.


​Blowdry styling

30€ - 45€ - 55€ - 65€

Glam styling GHD

50€ - 100€

Pin up

70€ - 130€

Make up

Daily makeup


Evening makeup


Artificial eyelashes


Please note mine

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